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Fagan Consulting focuses on five areas of functionality:

Administration, Architectural Review Committees/Design Guidelines, Architectural Review, Inspections and Reporting.

We can also provide assistance with reserve study review and budget analysis, published Architectural Guideline reviews, capital improvement projects, Storm Water Pollution Prevention plans and inspections, and City and County inspection coordination.


Fagan Consulting can help from the submittal of an application for new construction or home modification to review all necessary documents and to provide final inspection letters to owners and contractors.

Architectural Review Committees/Design Guidelines

Fagan Consulting can help the Board of Directors and/or Architectural Review Committee navigate the design guideline process by explaining and implementing the architectural guidelines.  If no such guidelines exist, or guidelines need to be updated, we can assist in drafting guidelines that fit your community.

Architectural Review

Reviewing each architectural project in your Association for compliance is a crucial step in the architectural process. Fagan Consulting can assist in the review process for your Association by additionally reviewing or assisting the review of each step, including pre-design, proposed plans and materials, site inspections, and final inspections. 


Once an architectural project has begun, Fagan Consulting can assist with regular inspections to match the approved set of plans and Architectural guidelines against the as-built and/or ongoing construction.  Other inspections can include the following:

  • Property Inspections

  • Inspection Reports

  • Photographic Documentation

  • Cellular Phone Response

  • Work Order Verification

  • HOA Board Walk Through

  • Contractor Performance Monitoring

  • Reporting


Regular communication is the key to alleviating the stress that sometimes accompanies construction or modification projects. Fagan Consulting can provide as needed inspection reports, monthly/annual Architectural Activity Reports, monthly Architectural Review Submittal reports and updated status report on all active projects for review at Architectural Review Committee meetings.


Fagan Consulting can provide routine on-site property tours.  We have extensive experience overseeing vendors and contractors to ensure work is completed per plans and specifications.  Monthly reports can be provided to keep you informed of compliance and common area issues and to help make the community more harmonious, we can also assist with social activities, events and incentive programs that bring neighbors together.

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